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Our own methodology

Captug uses its own methodology to combine different forms of financing high-impact R&D&I programs in order to optimize their execution, while guaranteeing transparency and security at all stages of the process for all participants.

The research

Our passion is the research. We focus on important challenges. We listen and understand the scientific challenge posed by the researcher and the social impact their research could have. If we see that the project could be attractive to investors and philanthropists, we evaluate the baseline funding available and the gap that needs to be covered to achieve the research goal. From there, we structure the operation in a way that coordinates the different sources of financing, ensuring transparency and security at each stage of the process.


It is essential to ensure adequate synchronization between the various sources of financing, both from the public and private sectors, to sustainably promote research, development and innovation. This balanced coordination between the different participants, taking into account their needs and expectations, will contribute significantly to the advancement of innovation and the achievement of tangible and comprehensive benefits for the entire society.



Financial-fiscal investment

Financial-fiscal investors seek to finance R&D&I activities in exchange for reducing their tax burden, obtaining financial-fiscal profitability through negative tax bases (BINS) and deductions for R&D&i channeled through a Grouping. of Economic Interest (AIE) in which they participate as majority partners.

Industrial partners

Industrial partners finance the execution of R&D&I activities in exchange for potential property rights or use and exploitation of the intangibles generated.


Philanthropy plays a fundamental role in the progress of science and technology, since thanks to its donations it is possible to finance R&D&I programs that otherwise could not be carried out.

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