We are a grassroots movement building the Commonwealth Family SUPERPOWER.
We stand with Queen Elizabeth and The Royal Family to strengthen the Commonwealth.
We will provide food security to our brothers and sisters in our Commonwealth Family of Nations. Join together with us and add strength to fight the cruel and deadly enemy called starvation. Join a Bonanza Club in your home community. The 2011 CHOGM meeting brought forth the Perth Declaration on Food Security. Now, over 8 years later, I feel ashamed that the Commonwealth has failed. But, now we are going to take action. Our grassroots movement will provide a higher level of prosperity to all. We are a movement filled with activists. Let’s Rock The World!

This is our inspiration song.

Join or Start a Bonanza Club when safe

These are local Referral Networking Groups.

–Start-up your own business without a loan

–Access the hidden job market

–New Business development–Business Cards

–Find a Mentor

–Travel Club–Bargain prices

–Commonwealth Day celebrations

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We are not the kind of club that meets each week to conduct serious business. We meet each week to enjoy hilarious laughter.

My contact is:
Stan Phillipson

Some people have a gift for fundraising. If you feel called to help Commonwealth Bonanza in this way, this video will help you get started. All potential donors , please email: stanphillipson@yahoo.com. We are a nonprofit so in order to pay expenses we need your financial help. Thank you in advance.